The MAGICK FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome, one and all to my new Webcomic, Magick. For those of you who don't know exactly what I'm doing here, this is for the inquisitive minds who wish to learn more and more about the comic, me, and some of my various inspirations.

Why don't you update more often?

Unfortunatly, this is a common problem for me lately. I'm the artist for two Web-Comics, a Comedic Geek-Related stip called The Geek Way, as well as Magick. The Geek Way updates twice a week, while I haven't really set a schedule for Magick's updates. It's at least once a week though. You must also keep in mind that I am going to College, as well as working at a fast-food restaraunt. So my time is precious as is.

What on earth is up with your signature?

Well, the signature I attatch to all my e-mails includes some basic info about my interests and hobbies. It's more like me bragging and wanting to feel important.

Did you take art classes, and if so, did they help?

This is a very good question, because it does stress my artistic history. For starters, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I often refer to myself as "An Art God... with no followers," mainly as a joke, but there are those out there who are amazed and impressed with what little artistic talen I do have. I took art classes in three different schools: Middle School (6th Grade), High School (Freshman-Senior), and College (Freshman, first semester). In each of their ways, they did teach me at least a little bit about what I'm cabable of. In 6th Grade, I was more interested about my own drawing schedule than the way the teacher was handling the class. Well, for starters she wanted us to contour our drawings: In this case she wanted us to draw without looking at the paper and only at the subject. Needless to say, they weren't some of my best work. Now, High School was MUCH different. I was able to draw what I wanted, so long as I was within the guidelines put forth by the teacher. And in my own ways I improved on composition and discovered the media that I do well in: Graphite, Charcoal, Pastel, and Colored Pencil. I also learned what media I should shy away from: Ceramics, Oil, Acrylic, and painting in General. During my senior year, I did three large projects that took up most of my time: A Giant poster for Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, and an Oil composition of all the characters in my Fiction up to that point. While in High School I ordered and received several How to Draw Manga and How to Draw Anime & Video Game Characters. Now THESE allowed me to do something I couldn't before: Draw the human body. Ya see, up to this point, the most I could draw were Dinosaurs and Godzilla, and even they were at a limited capability. With these new books I learned how to draw the human body, which slowly developed into the style that you see today. I also learned how to draw other beings and I realized just how much I love Dragons. Now, During my Senior Year I was the Art T.A. for the Art 1 class, which also kinda shows how much faith the teacher had in my abilities. When in College, the level of art classes went back downhill. My first thoughts were "All right, now I can draw what I want in any media I want!" I was dead wrong. The student critiques were useful, and I did learn a few things towards the end of the semester, but by-and-by, not all that needed. So I suppose the main reason I can draw the way I do is because I'm mostly self-taught.

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