This is for you to read the rules and understand my terms and conditions for when you request me to draw pictures for you, my fans.


1. I will take one Request at a time. Too much and I get bogged down under the weight of projects and don't have time to draw Magick or The Geek Way. My Web-Comics are important to me, and I have fans for both, who'll get on my ass if I don't update regularly.

2. I'm doing this out of a need to keep my artistic drive going, and I plan to return the pics to you in the time allowed. If I'm a few weeks off, just hold your horses.

3. When you Request a piece of art, the subject line MUST BE "Magick Request" or I'll delete it with the rest of my junk mail, and I know you don't want that, now do you?

4. In the E-mail, you must have at least 1 (ONE) picture for each character you want in the Commision. I'm not going to waste time searching the net for a pic of a character I may not have heard of.

5. Be descriptive in your request. The more detail that you give me makes it easier as an artist to visualize what the person wants. Detail is VERY, VERY, (i'm stressing this if you can't tell) VERY important. The more detail you give me, the more that you get the picture that you really want.

6. When the project is finished, I will send the large file directly to you for your own hard-drive, and then shrink it down (trying to save as much detail as possible, of course) and use it for a comic update and placing the picture in the Magick Gallery.

7. I keep all hard-copies of Requested Art. If you would like the hard-copy of the picture, then I will request $5 to cover postage as well as labor. Hey, I need to make a profit too, ya know.

8. If you want Adult-Oriented art, then (as stated in 5) give me detail. I will do hentai, however I am shying away from Yaoi for the moment, not because I have anything wrong with it, I just don't feel comforatable drawing men together, I may get over this, and I will update the Request Page when I do. Remember DETAIL IS IMPORTANT!!


I will gladly accept anyone who wishes to donate art to Magick. As long as I deem it worthy of being on the site (don't worry, everyone's got some talent). I just have one (1) statement. When you e-mail Art to me, please, please, PLEASE have the Subject Line be "Donating Magick Art", or, like the other e-mails, it'll be deleted with the rest of the SPAM.

Magick Is Copyright Dennis Roth 2004

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